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Navy Cuts Won't Hurt Victoria Economy After All

What first started out as a real threat to our local economy, has now subsided, for now...

Just a few short days ago, the military announced major cutbacks to its Naval fleet which could have docked up to three B.C.-based ships.

"It's inconceivable that the government is choosing to cut funding to the navy... These are very serious cuts that go to the heart of operations at our navy, because our navy isn't designed to be sitting on the dock. It's designed to be out on the ocean."Liberal MP Keith Martin

However, after substantial backlash from across the country the government has decided against following through with the proposed cuts. Needless to say this is a big relief for everyone in our community that has a tie to the military.

The Canadian Forces found this out the hard way Friday when the country’s top soldier cancelled a politically explosive order to take half the navy’s coastal patrol vessels out of active service.
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Military torpedoes plan to mothball ships

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